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David A. Puchta CEO, Founder

 This is where it all begins. Research Scrap Research Scrap (Repeat until success). Not only is David A. Puchta dedicated to research he is dedicated to Teaching, if you can't understand your own research well enough to properly explain to and educate your audience: It can be a handicap.

  David A. Puchta noticed this factor right away at a young age and not to his determent but to his benefit in the overwhelming friends and trusted associates over the years who are typically recluse in talking about technologies out of fear to to be wrong and ridiculed or of the fear to be copied without recognition of there rightfully acclaimed work. Instead David A. Puchta & associates with in the Proton Spin Technology portfolio help in the validations of your work to assist you along in the correct path for the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. David A. Puchta always feels mentoring and guidance has no billable hours, consultations do.      

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BioGem Energy Laboratory

BioGem Energy Research Laboratory circa 2017