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              "Bringing products to market is the goal of Proton Spin Technology." 

 Research "Development" and "Manufacturing" of a product starts with not only scientific research it must start with market research. Research in marketing makes smart money through out the entire development processes: Giving the ability for sound products to be developed and marketed backed by Science and Physics including the known laws of Thermodynamics and Electrodynamics.

 Proton Spin Technology and Associates concentrate exclusively on marketable products and services. We make it clear through this portfolio what is a product that is available now or where we are in the development process to give you a clear understanding of how to en-gauge.

 As can be seen and understood in the portfolio of Proton Spin Technology we are no stranger or afraid of entertaining disruptive technologies; However, David A. Puchta forbids chasing rabbits in the fields of "Perpetual Motion". This being said a mission for Proton Spin Technology is to fit within and improve the efficiency of the energy industry and all products go through extensive testing and development before any claims are even made public. What you will find in this impressive technology dump is information and products that are now disclosed and were developed and understood going back to 2005 when Mr. Puchta giving his 30+ years experience in the Industrial arts displayed here, decided to address the given issues in energy and start the path to product development either in Intellectual property holdings within Proton Spin Technology or c/o Manufacturing contracts valid toady and ripe for disclosure. Make no mistake our understanding of theses products and services are much more advanced today and this technology dump and call for commercialization gives credence to the experience and depth of the portfolios being offered. 

  This fact is very important; Needs, to be very important to you in your decision to en-gauge with us.    

David A. Puchta CEO

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Service is Service goes to the heart of product development. 

Products and Services


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

This is where it all begins. Research Scrap Research Scrap (Repeat until success). Not only is Mr. Puchta dedicated to research he is dedicated to Teaching, if you can't understand your own research well enough to properly explain to and educate your audience: It can be a handicap.

   Instead Mr. Puchta & associates within the Proton Spin Technology portfolio help in the validations of your work to assist you along in the correct path for the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Mr. Puchta always feels mentoring and guidance has no billable hours, consultations do.      

  Check our Events Schedule for  past and upcoming events and lectures.


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

  Our factories recycle discarded materials back into use, keeping them out of our landfills and oceans. Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hydrogen manufacturing uses sustainable materials, however the most important thing in the  use of Hydrogen Products found here is to substitute the need for fossil fuels and earth found materials like lithium. David A. Puchta founder of Proton Spin Technology has a vast but targeted portfolio outlined herein and video support at Hhydrogen4Power on YouTube.   


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

Manufactures in the Hydrogen Industry can prioritize the environment in which its workers live, creating new materials and healthier homes. We take product trade secrets and intellectual property very seriously. Hydrogen Fuel cells or any of the products in the  manufacturing portfolio outlined in Proton Spin Technology R/D, Eng., Mfg., is a sustainable future and a necessary industry to fight not only  "CLIMATE CHANGE", we are committed to Research and development as a first step, in product development. It goes without saying that sound Engineering is the key to success in the deployment of products before and after the prototype stage onto the market without delay.


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

We are always on the lookout for like-minded partners. Let's manufacture the future together, in the Hydrogen Industry building the future using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and sustainable practices in the Hydrogen Manufacturing Industry. We are always available for mentoring and guidance. You can book a group or private meeting with PST and Mr. Puchta. 


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

 Machine Shop Services in house and for our customers is a back- bone of the business operations and keeps the day to day Staff  busy. You are welcome to inquire about a quote for any work needed. We have a full machine shop available for your needs from the exotic in electronic components such as Ferrites for Transformers or Ceramics and Metals for Aerospace & Industrial applications.  


David A. Puchta www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com Hydrogen Industry

Marketing is important to a products successes and its who you know in the procurement of the industry that makes all the difference. This photo was taken at the the World Conference in San Diego for the IDA International Desalinization Association while Proton Spin Technology was sitting at the Presidents inaugural table doing Business for the Drink~Me project.  Customers have questions, We have answers.