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Co2 Disassociation to Graphene

Information on Co2 Disassociation to Graphene

 Disassociation of C02 normally takes an extensive and extreme amount of heat and or electrons. There are known ways of Co2 Disassociation in the atmosphere using the high capacitance discharge of Ozone and the potential of the current in the ionosphere, However, this process is unattainable in an efficient manor in industry to solve the Co2 problem from a combustion process. Until now in this full disclosure of research and development of Co2 capture and disassociation and simultaneously dropping the high grade carbon-12 of Co2 into Graphene for industrial uses at astoundingly high volumes on demand showing promise for wide scale operations in a combined cycle of hydrogen injection to clean the combustion process and the precipitant of Graphene/Carbon to release Oxygen from the binds of Co2 in a patent-pending process called New~Air developed by Proton Spin Technology

  First we have to look at the properties of Oxygen and its Paramagnetism  properties then we will address 

Carbon-12  and finally  Carbon Dioxide Co2  disclosing the findings by 

David A. Puchta that the carbon -12 in Co2 may be hiding as Graphene Oxide and why the atoms interact in an in-depth understanding into the disassociation of Co2. Based on applied physics and the validated findings of the New~Air process to disassociate Co2 at near room temperature to preserve the crystalline structure of Graphene.

 Before we disclose the findings it is important to refresh the importance of the green house effect  on Cyanobacteria in our oceans that produce our Oxygen and Aerobic organisms.  We are doing our part to make the findings known. In 2015 Proton Spin Technology entered the Carbon Xprize a competition to convert Co2 into valuable products. We did not make the finalists, however this dose not stop the pursuit to commercialization more spelled out in the Stream~Me Energy section of this site. We are actively seeking more competitions to enter and this year is the Keeling Curve Prize for Co2 Capture into valuable produces, please get involved with us to support there important awareness competitions. 

The importance of Research on Co2

Co2 is a global issue and founds the market research and product development on a global scale. This undertaking of commercialization is almost unlimited and warrants immediate attention to fight climate change. It is well documented yet not talked about that while our plants thrive on Co2: At times when a statistical event accrued Co2 rises and Oxygen fell below the level to sustain Oxygen breathing life. If the question that we are slowly suffocating is not enough to warrant research on product development then ask "How Long Can You Hold Your Breath" 

Brief Introduction to Graphene

A brief introduction to Graphene from University of Pennsylvania  wiki or Home website 


 Team New~Air enters Carbon Xprize. Here are the finalists, However this dose not stop us from commercializing the co generation processes of New~Air and Stream~Me 


 Thank you my early sponsor for this very nice piece of equipment.  At this time my sponsor would like to remain silent. 

Co2 Disassociation a New Perspective

Xprize David A. Puchta NewAir Co2 disassociation proton spin technology carbon 12 graphene hydrogen

Oxygen o-1 ~ o2 ~ Co2 ~ o3 ~ o2

 First we must revisit Oxygen,

 It is well known that Oxygen-1 combines to Oxygen-2 in microseconds and is the most abundant form of Oxygen known as 02. The laws of magnetism in general govern that opposite poles or potentials attract. This is also true in the oversight of Co2 that for O2 to form it must present its Paramagnetism and one Oxygen must present as a Anion (Negative Charge) and the other must present as an Ion (Positive Charge) and stay that way threw the biological exasperation process or the combustion exasperation process where as Oxygen goes through a Dia-magnetic phase of repulsion and in need of a ground: However, the consensual understanding is that Oxygen is a neutral charge best explained that an atom of oxygen in its most basic form contains an equal number of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons, so it is neutral. However it is almost never found in this state in nature, because for quantum mechanical reasons each oxygen atom would like to donate or share two of its electrons with any nearby atom or atoms or molecule(s) that (also for quantum mechanical reasons) would like to gain electrons. This applies to oxides may not apply to O2 during the combustion process while O2 is finding its ground state

A good example is an oxygen atom that is sharing one electron with each of two nearby hydrogen atoms, making a molecule of water H2O. An oxygen atom that has successfully donated one or two electrons or is sharing one or two electrons has lost part of its negative charge, so it is left positively charged.

  Or through the combustion process where Oxygen repels itself Dia-Magnetically and in either scenario Oxygen can't attract to Carbon-12 by a simple covalent electron chemical bond exchange because Co2 presents as a Nobel or an Inert gas and the rule dose not apply because Oxygen is 3.44 and Carbon inclusive allotoropes like Carbon-12 and Graphene are 2.55 on the Pauling Scale where as in the law of noble gases like Helium, Co2 like Helium can not be disassociated with chemicals Co2 can be chemically bound through oxides so you default to electrostatic and Paramagnetism in the same fashion Ozone is formed in combustion except the ground state is carbon and in these findings its further allotrop Graphene. Once Oxygen goes through the Dia-Magnetic phase the potential of the Paramagnetism is held apart by the heat. As Oxygen cools and the Allotropy phase of carbon "MAY" go from Carbon to Graphite then Graphene  (Discussed later on the phase shift going back to carbon-12 in the electron chemical processes of the other allotropes of Co2 and Graphene Oxide donating electrons: I will add the page discussion soon) Making the finding that Oxygen must find a ground state in a Bipolar Para-magnetic manor only found in Graphene and the DC electrostatic discharge and double paramagnetic electron bond of the atoms. Possibility of not the electron chemical sharing to find the ground state is what the findings support. 

Carbon-12 ~ Graphene

 That ground hypothetically being Carbon-12 with an alliance of  2.55 on the Pauling Scale and a Molar weight of 12.1 and Graphen follows the same Laws of 2.55 on the Pauling Scale and a ( theoretical weight explained ) of 12.1. 

  Oxygen must present Paramagnetism to attract and must present itself until it goes threw the exasperation processing in the heat of combustion and then present its diamagnetic neutral state making it impossible to attract to Carbon-12 because carbon -12 is neutral and Graphene presents two poles and is in fact Bipolar and the self  regulating properties of Graphene found in Bipolar junction transistors follows suit to the findings when Co2 is disassociated and the precipitant of Graphene is observed and validated with electron microscopy. The understatement of the hypothetically understanding is that Carbon-12 is at he heart of Co2 has questionable grounds for several reasons detailed herein.

Carbon-12 can not be observed in Co2

 It is well known that the carbon in Co2 can not be objectively observed in an Electron Microscope nor can Co2 be clearly observed in Raymond Raymond Spectroscopy. Since we can not see the carbon in Co2 we can only read its electromagnetic spectroscope feedback. Here is where the findings show another oversight that Graphene is Bipolar; However Graphene Oxide is polar and that is what the covalent bonding of electron sharing is evident from the observations of the Graphene precipitant. The findings reveal that Graphene may be hiding behind its Oxide within Co2. Physics 

New~Air Co2 Capture Process Findings

One of the main issues of Co2 is the Disassociation at any reasonable temperature and potential to preserve the crystalline structure. When the Ozone and Ionosphere disassociate Co2 the potentials zap the carbon back to its ground state of Carbon-12 etc. or the carbonation of acids are formed and associated oxides. When the ground state of a tree and the positive potential of the leaves photosynthesizes the Co2 the crystalline structure is changed again for building blocks. What we do know is that Cyanobacteria uses Co2 in its raw state and Graphene is beneficial to Biological life and carbon is detrimental to Biological life. 

What is observed in the New~Air process is that Co2 is Disassociated at near room temperature preserving the crystalline structure as a best practice known by David A. Puchta and the associated team within Proton Spin Technology. The first thing that was done was to follow the protocols outlined by the Manchester University on Graphene findings is to use an Electron Microscope to determine if Graphene is present and the findings are conclusive, Yes.     

New~Air Co2 Capture Process

Stay tuned this is a full disclosure site and i have a lot to down load. The proof is in the research and validations. 

Co2 on Cyanobacteria an Important View on Climate Atmospheric Change: Oxygen

"How Long Can You Hold Your Breath" : A point of view from the findings of Mr. Puchta. First review & refresher on Co2 Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect.  

I can "sums" it up in two subjects "Electromagnetic Radiation" Daylight & "Linearmagnetizum (TM)" Moon Light cycles and Photosynthesizes. Its really that simple. We will use Sun Light and Moon Light herein. As you will soon see through the photo and video editorial to follow I will explain the danger of Electromagnetic spectrum in our atmosphere and the stratospheric carbon conductivity as it relates to Linear Energy from the sun and its relationship to the bounce off the moon that give us the photosynthesis cycle relating directly to our Oxygen. 

Let me make it real simple, energy from the sun travels in a packet first "Linear Energy Heat" that warms our earth and radiation gives us warmth. Second Electromagnetism in the form of Light. Third Linear Current that pushes the packet. The sun explodes in FUSION HEAT then LIGHT then THE GRAVITATIONAL RELEASE CURRENT PUSH the opposite of FISSION.

Although the current is the push the electromagnetism has the voltage potential gradient in its favor.

During the day photosynthesis dose not happen because electromagnetism encapsulates the Linear Magnetism and subdues its current: this only takes 200 milliamps and our Atmospheric Electricity is around 201-210+- milliamps on the contrary a lightning bolt gets its amperage from the earth ground as the dielectric splits the atmosphere to create the connection then the ionosphere dumps the potential. 

When the Linear Current is encapsulated in electromagnetism there is no benefit if it can not pass the potential of 200 milliamps in the ionosphere making photosynthesis moot, this is why the Linear Current BOUNCES of the moon and gives defined Photosynthetic moon cycles that biology relies on: However when our atmosphere gets carbon conductive from Co2 and then activated by ALL our radio-waves, communication, EMF, and residual Electromagnetism from the solar system we find that we live in an ecosystem with a very sensitive balance. you can look at volcano eruptions and core samples to only find that when Co2 goes up Oxygen goes down. 

Why dose the Oxygen go down? The answer is simple, Cyanobacteria that produces our Oxygen only exhales Oxygen when Linear magnetism is present and Hydrogen all other times in the form of Co2 capture and converts that to oil that sinks down through the sand beds gets carbonized and fills the oil beds to give use the crude oil we pollute our atmosphere with. But not before it feeds the shrimp krill and lobster that extreat waste to feed our reefs and the cycle is clear. The more Co2 the more Cyanobacteria can not produce oxygen. I go over this Cyanobacteria Cycle more in-depth on the Blew~Me Saltwater Fuels section. So: How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

Is Co2 Polar or NonPolar

Co2 electroscope understanding. Think Graphene Oxide in a resonance Lewis Structure, the Oxide of Oxygen coming from the fuel source and the Oxygen from the air to create Co2. Subliming the Graphene in Co2. Whereas one leg of the Covalent bond is in resonance giving Co2 and Graphene vs Carbon 12 a question, and new answers of how to deal with Co2.   

Team New~Air carbon Xprize

Team New~Air Co2 reduced to Graphene demonstration video carbon Xprize. 2015 and we know a lot more today. There is more information on the co-generation process of New~Air, Stream~Me, Hydrogen Injection Systems for carbon capture and sequester. 

First discovery of Graphene from Co2

First discovery of Graphene from Co2

Electron Microscope view of Graphene from Co2

Electron Microscope view of Graphene from Co2.

Tour of the Keeling Co2 Lab

Keeling Co2 lab La Jolla California Scrips Institution of oceanography. The Keeling lab is where the world gets its bench mark for Co2 and where the process to measure Co2 was invented. Very interesting and informative, worth the watch.