Nanovated David A. Puchta Hydrogen Nano~Bubble Hydrotherapy Bath. Cancer Detoxification therapy.

Nanovated-David A. Puchta Hydrogen Nano~Bubble Hydrotherapy

Nanovated Hydrogen~ Oxygen ~ Ozone Infused Nano~Bubble Hydrotherapy

  Nanovated Hydrotherapy & Nanovated LLC. dba Nanovated is a Division & Trademark for David A. Puchta founder of Proton Spin Technology Inc. R/D, Mfg., Eng., U.S.A. In the business of Development, Manufacturing & Marketing of Hydrogen ~ Oxygen ~ Ozone  Infused Nano~Bubble Hydrotherapy and improvements over Oxygen Nano~Bubble Hydrotherapy. Targeting Cancer and associated health issues.

The infusion of Hydrogen & Ozone goes to the core of healing our body from the inside out. David A. Puchta is not a medical Doctor and make no medical claims only to the effect to forward known physicists in medicine and Doctors opinions, urging  the reader to do their own research by providing guiding links herein.  


 Mr. Puchta is experienced in the product development of  medical equipment and is backed by the 700 First tear Medical Doctors with in the prestigious  Strathspey Crown and Alphaeon Irvine California  group founded by CEO Robert Grant  the former CEO  of  Bausch + Lomb

  Robert E.Grant has a deep desire to bring disruptive technologies to market and has his Eye on David A. Puchta and the Portfolios in Proton Spin Technology. 

  It is well know in the medical industry that a higher PH The [P]ower of a [H]ydrogen Ion dissolved in an aqueous solution promotes self healing simply by raising ones PH levels, However you would have to normally intake a chemical substance like TCH. Hydrogen Nano~Bubbles absorbed within the skin at a faster rate than TCH without the side effects of chemical bound medications normally used to treat cancers. It is well known that when our body's reach the low level of 4.0 PH we die. Human Blood controls the PH and when the body's organ's become toxic from alkalinity and become toxic the blood goes into a protection mode and will shut down organ's to protect the integrity of the blood it self, until toxicity takes over and the blood becomes toxic. Raising the PH from normal 7.4+- to 8.3+- is known to be medically safe and effective treatment for cancer and the detoxification of chemo therapy and related cancer medications building up toxicity in the body. Hydrotherapy makes sense.


  A fun fact that Lemon Juice is 2.0 HP, however when the body processes Lemon Juice it raises or Body's PH. You can find out more about the Lemon Cleanse Diet and Peter Glickman.

 David A. Puchta and Nanovated staff have a strong reputation in building Medical Grade Equipment for the health industry in hospital settings or private cancer treatment centers and international spas like La Casa Spa Educate yourself by haveing a deep dive with Doctors declarations here. This is a more complex understanding of Nano~Bubbles and how they are formed here.     


  Proton Spin Technology and Nanovated are now targeting the home use market for conveyance and affordability. Outlined in the video and Photo editorial below we walk you through the process of an up-Scale instillation of a Nanovated - David A. Puchta Hydrogen & Ozone Hydrotherapy bath experience and the Science behind the Technology with experiments and third party evaluations proving the existence of Hydrogen & Ozone Nano~Bubbles.  

                          "About Nanovated Hydrotherapy Cancer Center for Healing" 

  Nanovated Hydrotherapy is a unique experience that, on the surface, may look like a traditional relaxing bath soak, but there is a lot more going on in the water.

  This revolutionary Japanese bath penetrates the skin directly and delivers higher levels of absorb-able Hydrogen & Oxygen~Ozone. Oxygen and Hydrogen  are  crucial to human life and wellness. We are not receiving nearly enough Hydrogen/Oxygen at the molecular level that is needed for optimal health, immunity, vitality, and longevity.

Benefits of Nanovated Hydrotherapy:

  • Anti-cancer environment
  • Reduction of refractory dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis vulgaris
  • Increased metabolism and energy levels
  • Better sleep quality and quantity
  • Softer skin (exfoliates at the nano scale)
  • Increased blood oxygen (for hours after)
  • Decreased inflammation & pain
  • Skin rejuvenation (cell turnover)
  • Muscle relaxation


Cancer Center for New Medicine Irvine

  Leigh Erin Connealy, MD cancer medicine  a subsidiary of  Center for New Medicine Irvine California,  attended the University of Texas School of Public Health, and then attended the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. She completed her post-graduate training at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. To  find out more of the healing effects of a Nanovated Hydrogen/Oxygen therapeutic bath click the link below.  

Ultrasound for Cancer Therapy Canada Ryerson University


Michael C. Kolios, PhD

 Educates scientists, bioengineers, and oncologists in the integrative biology of cancer. 

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Download the Patented proof that true Nano~Bubbles are produced with vacuum for medical uses. 


    Rice Universtity application of: Oxygen nanobubbles revert hypoxia by methylation programming for Cancer Treatment.           Pushpak N. Bhandari1, Yi Cui1, Bennett D. Elzey, Craig J. Goergen, Christopher M. Long, & Joseph Irudayaraj 

Japan Nano-Bubble Discovery

Mr. Puchta believes very strongly that the founder and discoverer of a technology is important to give credit to without the cerconvention of that entintity or person. Japan was the first to discover Nano-Bubbles  by Kaneo Chiba of Reo Research Institute and apply the Physics ~ Here is the video 

Nanovated  David A. Puchta  Hydrogen infused Nano Bubble Hydrotherapy.
Hello Welcome to:


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. In the next two sections we cover the home installation of an up-scale system and the product development and manufacturing process in detail.

Nanovated Hydrotherapy (TM) Hyfrogen & Ozone Nano~Bubbles

Nanovated Bath

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nanovated's Queen's  "Silk Bath"  are built for a King. Hydrogen & Oxygen bring the infusion directly into your skin giving the know healing effects and the Silk Bath experience comes from the  Anions that are atoms or radicals (groups of atoms), that have gained electrons. Since they now have more electrons than protons, anions have a negative charge.  These negative charges directly attach to the positive charge caused by pain. It is well known in Medicine that when we have pain it causes heat and this heat is electromagnetism that is a positive charge. Nanovated's Patented Vortex generator explained in the next section is what brings these charged Nano~Bubbles to vitality giving you a true healing experience. Please note that a traditional Hot-Tub uses Cavitation and those Bubbles are not the same thing and hold a positive charge making you tired and relaxed of course; However, Nano~Bubbles are medically proven to heal & rejuvenate. 

Service is Service

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Customer Quality

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Product Inivations

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Consumer Safety

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble


Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nano~Bubble Verification

The most important thing in an emerging technology is a validation from an outside party. Validation done in the Cancer Center for New Medicine Nov 3, 2015 Part 5 : Nanovated boasts 200,000,000 

5 Nanometers-10 Nanometers Nano~Bubbles per Mililiter (1 ml = 0.002 pint) in distilled water . Rising the PH from 5-7.5 with just atmospheric air. When we ad hydrogen the PH goes threw 8.4 PH 

& Ozone goes to 6. There is no competition for nanovated in the Industry. 1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter.

Nanovated Hydrotherapy (TM)

Chris R. Warren

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Mr. Warren the c/o founder & CEO of Nanovated Benefit Company that started the dream. His vision in the board room of bringing the product to life and broke ground in the marketing of Nanovated Nanobubble Hydrotherapy for the treatment of Cancer. Mr. Warren is still today a valuable asset to the Marketing arm of Proton Spin Technology the Intellectual Property Owner & Holdings Company. 

David A. Puchta

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Mr. Puchta the founder of Proton Spin Technology R/D, Eng., Mfg., U.S.A. holds the Intellectual property for the advancement of the Nanobubble technology for the success of Nanovated Hydrotherapy and manufacturing rights exclusively. Nanovated Hydrotherapy is a trademark of Proton Spin technology Holdings.Mr. Warren is a senior adviser to PST and life friend to Mr. Puchta

Nanovated LLC

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nanovated is on the cutting edge of Vacuum distillation in the formation process of Nano~Bubbles. a  new and efficient way of forming a Nano~Bubble and a definitive argument that the competitions are just forming cavitation. It is well known that a true Nano-Bubble is formed under the collapsing of the bubble under vacuum not pressure forced on it. Here is a good understanding of surface tension and the power of it.'s_drop 

Doubble Vortex

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nanovated's Patented Anion technology give the electrostatic charge of the ion the ability to convert to Anions and hold there charge for months on end. This is a Photo of our static discharge unit with in the Nanovated Vortex chamber.    Chris Warren is Credited.

Fit and Finish

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nanovated is held to the same standard's as all the products in the Proton Spin Technology portfolio. Yet Nanovated must exceed the medical standards for this technology and we are in consent enhancement of the quality and today's equipment sets on the world stage,

Quality Materials

Nanovated David A Puchta Hydrogen NanoBubble

Nanovated uses only the finest materials in the Industry. When you start with Quality Materials the product meets of exceeds the customer satisfaction index and that is the standards for Quality products. Proton Spin Technology sources only materials made in the U.S.A or Europe. 

Nanovated -Hydrogen4Power You-Tube Part 4

Nanovated System ready and running for validation of Nano~Bubbles. Showing heat adsorption and -30 absolute vacuum: Low vacuum is the secrete to Nano~Bubble formation' PST Owns this Technology. Part 4

Nanovated - Hydrogen4Power You-Tube Part 3

Setting up the Nanovated system in the Cancer Center for New Medicine. Test run showing -30 absolute vacuum achieved. Test run. Part 3

Nanovated -Hydrogen4Power You-Tube Part 2

Setting up the Nanovated system in the Cancer Center for New Medicine. Test run. Part 2

Nanovated - Hydrogen4Power You-Tube Part 1

In the Nano~Bubble Industry the bath is called "Silk" this is the most rewarding part of a properly working system. Part 1