IDA International Desalination Association   David A. Puchta San Diego Convention Center


Additional Information on Marketing

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David A. Puchta CEO, Founder

 Marketing is important to a products successes and its who you know in the procurement of the industry that makes all the difference. This photo was taken at the the World Conference in San Diego for the IDA International Desalinization Association while David A. Puchta was sitting at the Presidents inaugural table doing Business for the Drink~Me project.  Customers have questions, We have answers.   


Director of Marketing

Meet the Director of Marketing Governing Board

Proton Spin Technology Inc. at the direction of the Chairman of the Governing Board and CEO is Proud to introduce our Director of Marketing: With a 25 year Business relationship with David A. Puchta. Proton Spin Technology Inc. has a 33  Executive and Governing Board Members Council.

Chairman & CEO David A. Puchta F.W.

Board Letter 

What F.W. means is Final Word the official corporate mission titan of David A. Puchta as Majority  Share holder indisputable. And when approval of the initials F.W follows our Directors name it is an Integration Clause as  Final. Our Dames as the highest honoring Notre-Dame de Paris to give a Woman in Business in the Catholic church as Executor in  Wife regardless of religion  following IBM rules of edict in trust, with Notary of Attorney to c/o~sign as an owner of the company to protect the house in a contract for engagement with appropriations as David A. Puchta F.W. Night of Columbus 1984 4th Degree. In successor in trust to Steven Sikora 50 years in as 4th Degree Menlo Park Ca. and Major Share holder United Airlines, Mrs. Sikora Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 50 years in and BNY-MELLON