David A. Puchta explains Hydrogen Deuteride Injection Systems & Linear Paul Magnatizum.

Hydrogen Deuteride

Hydrogen Injection Systems

   David A. Puchta explains Linear Paul Magnatizum & Revolutions: See definition below.  and the tuning of the Hydro~Me circuit in the production of H-D. {This is not HHO, for brute force / pulsed electrolysis see my page on HHO Hydroxy} 

   I make a distinction on this site from the two different approaches in Hydrogen on Demand in a Longitudinal positively bias sine sinusoidal wave propagation @ High Pressures 1.0 <120+psi, H-D Hydrogen Deuteride ( Chemically, The Deuteride is a binary compound of Deuterium binding three hydrogen atoms and two electrons ) 3.1 specific gravity, used in Hydrogen Injection systems Hydro~Me True Fuel Cell and Pulsed Brute Force Square Wave Electrolysis @ Low Pressures 14.7(.696+-) >1.0 psi, used in HHO-Hydroxy systems H1= 0.0696, O1=0.5522, 03=1.660 collectively 0.6914~1.7992 specific gravity vs gasoline .751 specific gravity; from, this point you have to do the density calculation relating to atmospheric pressure and heat empathy in thermodynamics that simply implodes out to 1.0 water.   

 Linear Paul Magnatizum (TM) & Revolutions (TM), DC~AC~LC~RF (TM), LPM&R (TM) Is the energy that makes all the technologies in the portfolio of Proton Spin Technology Happen. The energy is based on the opposing forces of the Pauling Scale allowing two frequencies of magnetic force to create a north south relationship and a Meissner field that amplifies the radio wave attenuation thus amplifying a Meissner Effect into a wave  to disassociate water. In traditional Electrolysis "Electromagnetism" an electron is added to the  coulomb bond of a H20 molecular structure creating heat and Oxygen from the positive electrode and Hydrogen from the negative electrode. In Linear Paul Magnatizum its a "Meissner Field" that is used in the attenuation of the Hydrogen atom to produce an electron, the force of contraction or shaking of the Hydrogen atom to produce an electron is well know in physics. LPM&R as seen in the oscilloscope picture is "Heterodyne  Resonance" as can be seen by the opposing B-H Loops. Linear Paul Magnatizum is not A/C nor D/C it is a complexity of A/C~D/C~L/C~RF. Invented by David A. Puchta and exclusively used in the product portfolio of www.ProtonSpinTechnology.com 


  Linear,~ The energy is linear in movement in a bidirectional whereas each leg are different frequencies. compounding to infinite. Pushing Linear Current  in the Longitudinal wave propagation and the Phonon Resonance in the  B-H Hysteresis Loop 

 Paul,~ The circuit is based on the Heterodyning  of the Paulings Scale of Electronegativity attenuating electromagnetically.

 Magnatizum (TM),~ the [Z] denotes the Z axis in gravity physics extorting the Meissner Field. 

 Revolutions,~ The complex timing of the circuit noting that each leg is a different frequency so Gibbs Law Controls the reverse saturation current watch the video for a more definable understanding on revolutions.

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HydroMe Mercedes-Benz

Hydrogen Injection Systems Project Mercedes-Benz S65 738hp 612ft pounds torque @ 2000 Rpm HydroMe TrueFuel Cells. We twisted an axial in half on Hydrogen Deuteride 3.1 Specific Gravity fuel @ 6 Bar.

HydroMe Fuel Cell Electrodes

HydroMe True Fuel Cells new electrode coatings. Notice only Hydrogen coming off the Negative Electrode, Some one wake Micheal Faraday.

HydroMe True Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Injection Systems on board refinery of Hydrogen Deuteride and BlewMe Fuels on Demand. 

Hhydrogen4Power YouTube

Linear Paul Magnatizum & Revolutions (TM) LPM&R (TM)