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Additional Information on Engineering

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David A. Puchta CEO, Founder

 Manufactures in the Hydrogen Industry can prioritize the environment in which its workers live, creating new materials and healthier homes. We take product trade secrets and intellectual property very seriously. Hydrogen Fuel cells or any of the products in the  manufacturing portfolio outlined in Proton Spin Technology R/D, Eng., Mfg., is a sustainable future and a necessary industry to fight not only  "CLIMATE CHANGE" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming , we are committed to Research and development as a first step, in product development. It goes without saying that sound Engineering is the key to success in the deployment of products before and after the prototype stage. The experience David A. Puchta and the team at Proton Spin Technology bring product development to the table in a sensible manor. Experience that brings products to market without delay.