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BioGem Energy

Information, BioGem G~Au~Me~#26 (TM)

 BioGem Pharmaceuticals is further down the page, first on this detailed understanding of BioGem a Microbial Hydride Fuel Cell using the combination of Graphene, Monoatomic Gold, Cyanobacteria in Microbial Electrolysis and Fluid#26 to produce electricity. This is not a battery it is a Biological Energy Cell. The energy density is very promising.  Using the energy calculator and the battery calculator enter: 0.450 millivolts & 700 microamps = 0.000315 microwatts in the watt-hour box. This is BioGem full power as a dead short of 642.857 resistance and the worst case that would kill any battery in minutes; we will use this as a base calculation then address EFFECTIVE Power next while detailing how BioGem works.   First enter 0.0000735 microwatts under load 150 ohm @ 15 microwatts. After 24 hr. Load run proves BioGem is an energy producer not a battery. The net production is.  0.000315 Gross Production- 0.0000735 Draw under load=0.0002415 net production per hr.×50%Average per hr. Over 24hr.=0.00012075 net production.What this means is.5.426365632e+18 Electron volts available for charging per hr. Period per cell. 55.286  cells for 300 volts so just say 60 BioGem Cells =300 volts. or 50  Whr. per 60 Cells the size of a postage card 4x6x1/2 inches or 545.45 BioGem Cards to charge a 30,000 Whr. Lithium Ion Tesla Battery in 12 hours and a weight of  108.2269 US Pounds @ 2.713182816e+18 Electron volts available in reserve  effective charging where as a Lithium ion battery will just continue to discharge with no reserves. Calculated as; the worst case scenario -50%.
  5.426365632e+18 Gross 
- 2.713182816e+18 Reserve
=2.713182816e+18 Effective =5.426365632e+18 charge density in joules 0.8694 by weight 0.05g 1 inch x 1 inch = 0.8694 joules= 1.1502185415 watt hour power density x 0.05g per 5.426365632e+18 Electron volts weight density per 0.8694 joules.In contrast a Lithium ion battery has a 1.1 joules per 1.5 weight density. BioGem is the same power at 5.426365632e+18 ÷ 1.1502185415 = 4.7176822806 times more energy per weight, or you can say 4.7176822806 times lighter. Average Lithium ion in a Tesla is 1000 pounds. So BioGem adds a 250 pound self charging passenger. That's 1/4 the weight with the same charge and 1/4 the size. But this is the worst case because you don't need to charge for 24hrs. 12hrs., is just fine. I have under rated BioGem this is a 50% duty cycle rating.  

Now we are going to address BioGem's EFFECTIVE POWER using:

   Planck's constant, denoted {h} , is a physical constant that is the quantum of electromagnetic action, which relates the energy carried by a photon to its frequency. A photon's energy is equal to its frequency multiplied by the Planck constant. The Planck constant is of fundamental importance in quantum mechanics, and in metrology it is the basis for the definition of the kilogram.

The Planck constant is defined to have the exact value 6.62607015×10−34 J⋅s.[2][3] 

   Electronegativity, Pauling Scale symbol χ, is a chemical property that describes the tendency of an atom to attract a shared pair of electrons (or electron density) towards itself.[1] An atom's electronegativity is affected by both its atomic number and the distance at which its valence electrons reside from the charged nucleus. The higher the associated electronegativity number, the more an atom or a substituent group attracts electrons towards itself. 

   Element  Ohms  Conduct Pauling Induction  @ 1.9Mhz

Aluminum  2.65       3.77      1.60  (-)  221.979263

Graphene   1.60       1.00      2.54  (-)  136.27642

Gold            2.44       4.11      2.55  (+)  204.388453

Nickel          6.99       1.43      3.04  (+)  315.796913

Here you clearly see the 4 frequency's for Heterodyne Resonance, for more information visit the understanding of Linear Paul magnatizum & Revolutions. Notice the conductivity of the Gold and Nickel are 5.54 and so is Graphene's Pauling, this satisfies Planck Units all 5 are represented in this BioGem passing the current through the ground state with 0 resistance. When the gravitational constant matches the conductivity, you get superconductivity. Now let's establish power density. 

 Joules Planck 6.626 / 2.545 GG Pauling = 2.6035363458 / 1.6 Graphene PNP = 1.6272102161 Impedivity. The Longitudinal Mode in BioGem and the PNP Transistor effect of Graphene cancels out the ohms back to Plank 6.626 / 642.857143 = 0.013071111 and the Meissner Effect of <0> resistance self regulates at a switching speed of 1.9 Million Hertz while my oscillator for the  Heterodyne is switching at gigahertz and  0.080013 picohenrys. Here is the true effective power of BioGem reflected in the videos herein.

 Power with 450 millivolts and 700 microamperes~315 microwatts

 Resistance with 450 millivolts and 700 microamperes~0.013071111 ohms

 Current with 450 millivolts and ~1.62721 ohms~276.546936 milliamperes

 Power with 450 millivolts and ~1.62721 ohms~124.446121 milliwatts 

 Voltage with 700 microamperes and ~1.62721 ohms~1.139047 millivolts

 Power with 700 microamperes and ~1.62721 ohms~797.333006 nanowatts 

 Now that we have established power density let's understand voltage density expressed in Electron volts per second Planck 4.135. First Heterodyne math.

  Element  Ohms  Conduct Pauling Induction  @ 1.9Mhz

(-) AL+g   4.25  4.77   4.14   358.255683 x 4.135 = 1481.387249205 = 456.604786 microhertz resonate frequency for the Phonon Resonance in the covalent bond. Following suit to the high frequency of Graphene allowing for the elliptic orbit of the Au electron to travel around the Graphene lattice as illustrated bellow.

(+) Au+N  9.43  5.54  5.59  520.185366 x 4.135 = 2150.96648841 = 3.286937 hertz resonate frequency for the ground state of Au and Graphene following suit to the combined Pauling of 5.09 and a ground of 5.59 and total Pauling of 9.73 / 3.286937 = 2.960202766 / Au+G = 1.4801013831 ohms a stronger bond coefficient than Graphene. Represented as a Magnetic Clars Gobblet   G38~H18~Au8.

Now we can do the voltage density. Proving the impossibility of a Galvanic Cell.

This is what we started with, and remember this calculation is up against a battery, IN WATT HOURS DIVIDED BY MINUTES, IN THE EFFECTIVE POWER CALCULATIONS IT IS IN SECONDS AS PER PLANCK LONG HAND. and whats really happening you are getting a charge from both sides of BioGem and battery's do not do that.  

                 *0.450 millivolts & 700 microamps = 0.000315 microwatts*

                   ~<=>HERE IS THE TRUE POWER DENSITY OF BIOGEM<=>~                      

Elecvolts Current with 450 millivolts and ~1.480101 ohms  304.033227 milliamperes 

Joules Current with 450 millivolts and ~1.62721 ohms~276.546936 milliamperes

Elecvolts Power with 450 millivolts and ~1.480101 ohms ~136.814952 milliwatts 

Joules Power with 450 millivolts and ~1.62721 ohms~124.446121 milliwatts

Elecvolts Voltage with 700 microamperes and ~1.480101 ohms ~1.036071 millivolts

Joules Voltage with 700 microamperes and ~1.62721 ohms~1.139047 millivolts

Elecvolts Power with 700 microamperes and ~1.480101 ohms ~725.249678 nanowatts 

Joules Power with 700 microamperes and ~1.62721 ohms~797.333006 nanowatts

As amps goes up voltage goes up the contrary to Micheal Faraday and tirelessly represented in the portfolios of Proton Spin Technology Inc. R/D, Eng., Mfg., U.S.A

David A. Puchta CEO, Founder

Research Engineering Manufacturing Product Development & Marketing are very important to the essence of BioGem, follow us through the process and join in. 

BioGem Artist Rendition

 BioGem artist rendition of Mono-Atomic gold traveling around the Graphene structure to produce persistent currents, enhanced biologically.  

BioGem on oscilloscope showing energy flow

 What your looking at is the atomic structure of Atomic Gold and Graphene as a superconductive bond molecule.  

Product line up for the first commercial proof of concepts

BioGem Automotive

BioGem Mercedes-Benz Project car David A. Puchta Proton Spin Technology Microbial Hydride Fuel Cell

 Let's look at the cost for our Mercedes-Benz Smart-Car BioGem project. With a 30,000 watt hrs Lithium ion battery. 30,000kwh = 6.740826872ev needed for charge. 5.426365632ev BioGems ÷ 30,000kwh=5,528.5622153963 BioGem cells x 1.00 wholesale.= 5,528.56$ for automotive use and continues 24hr. Charge. 

BioGem Industrial

BioGem runs Tesla Powerwall David A. Puchta Proton Spin Technology. Microbial Hydride Fuel Cell

Compare  BioGem with a 10,000$ solar system or a 3,500$ Tesla Power-wall, so my marketing plan is to use the housing of a Tesla power wall to fit BioGem in. By the calculations it will fit with ease sitting next to a Tesla Power-wall they can be continuous modules and look sexy.  BioGem cell design can be made in this production format then put in the same format that a Lithium ion battery pack comes in. 

BioGem Powerwall

BioGem Charges Tesla Powerwall David A. Puchta Proton Spin Technology Microbial Hydride Fuel Cell

BioGem has a significant market share to compete with solar and the use of the open patents of Tesla the system has a built in companion in the storage capacity and grid tie of the Powerwall.  BioGem supplies the high voltage DC and dumps the caps into any storage. 1,842.8540717988 ÷10,000kwh   1,842.85$ wholesale home use system,  continues 24hr. Charge. Most homes only consume 2,500kwh in 24 hrs. 

BioGem Refractive Light Microscope

BioGem Gold Graphene make electricity David A. Puchta Proton Spin Technology 
Microbial Hydride cell

This is BioGem under a refractive light microscope June 7, 2015 Graphene, a two-dimensional structure made of carbon, is a material with excellent mechanical, electronic and optical properties. However, Depending on the shape and orientation of their edges, graphene nanostructures can have very different properties , they may exhibit conducting, semiconducting or insulating behavior and magnetism.  suitable for magnetic applications.   

Clar's Goblet Magnetic Graphene

Clar Goblet Gold and Magnetic Graphene BioGem Au~G~Me~#26 cell David A Puchta Proton Spin Technology

 3-D-rendered high-resolution scanning tunneling micrograph of Clar's goblet.  

  Together with international partners, Empa researchers have now succeeded in synthesizing a unique nanographene predicted in the 1970s, which conclusively demonstrates that carbon in very specific forms has magnetic properties that could permit future spintronic applications. The results have just been published in the renowned journal Nature Nanotechnology. Dec 10,2019


Clar Goblet Gold and Magnetic Graphene BioGem Au~G~Me~#26 cell David A Puchta Proton Spin Technology

 A chemical structure of a molecule includes the arrangement of atoms and the chemical bonds that hold the atoms together. The Clar Goblet molecule contains a total of 66 bond(s) There are 48 non-H bond(s), 48 multiple bond(s), 48 aromatic bond(s), 11 six-membered ring(s), 18 ten-membered ring(s) and 8 twelve-membered ring(s). each carbon atom is considered to be associated with enough hydrogen atoms to provide the carbon atom with four bonds. BioGem brings the Au~11.

BioGem in Voltage State Ev charge

Clar Goblet Gold and Magnetic Graphene BioGem Au~G~Me~#26 cell David A Puchta Proton Spin Technology

 Graphene is a zero-gap semiconductor, because its conduction and valence bands meet at the Dirac points. The Dirac points are six locations in momentum space, on the edge of the Brillouin zone, divided into two non-equivalent sets of three points. The two sets are labeled K and K'. The sets give graphene a valley degeneracy of gv = 2. By contrast, for traditional semiconductors the primary point of interest is generally Γ, where momentum is zero.[61] Four electronic properties separate it from other condensed matter systems. 

BioGem in Ground State Joule charge

Clar Goblet Gold and Magnetic Graphene BioGem Au~G~Me~#26 cell David A Puchta Proton Spin Technology

 The conduction and valence bands, respectively, correspond to the different signs. With one pz electron per atom in this model the valence band is fully occupied, while the conduction band is vacant. The two bands touch at the zone corners (the K point in the Brillouin zone), where there is a zero density of states but no band gap. The graphene sheet thus displays a semimetallic (or zero-gap semiconductor) character, although the same cannot be said of a graphene sheet rolled into a carbon nanotube, due to its curvature. Two of the six Dirac points are independent, while the rest are equivalent by symmetry. In the vicinity of the K-points the energy depends linearly on the wave vector, similar to a relativistic particle.[79][81] Since an elementary cell of the lattice has a basis of two atoms, the wave function has an effective 2-spinor structure

Linear Paul Magnatizum & Rev

Clar Goblet Gold and Magnetic Graphene BioGem Au~G~Me~#26 cell David A Puchta Proton Spin Technology

Linear,~ The energy is linear in movement in a bidirectional whereas each leg are different frequencies. compounding to infinite. Pushing Linear Current  in the Longitudinal wave propagation and the Phonon Resonance in the  B-H Hysteresis Loop 

 Paul,~ The circuit is based on the Heterodyning  of the Paulings Scale of Electronegativity attenuating electromagnetically.

 Magnatizum (TM),~ the [Z] denotes the Z axis in gravity physics extorting the Meissner Field. 

 Revolutions,~ The complex timing of the circuit noting that each leg is a different frequency so Gibbs Law Controls the reverse saturation current watch the video for a more definable understanding on revolutions.

Dr. Devine IC Cube BIoGem Elcetronics


BioGem Devine IC Cube. Stacked Semiconductor Wafers for Cubic Circuitry. Laser Machined Vapor-Plasma(tm) field deposition. The holes shown are .003inch.  Dr. Devine is my CTO and has over fifty years of experience in vapor deposition, vitreous glass bonding and Ferrite Ceramic Machining in recording head technology holding tolerances millionths of an inch. Below is the crucible pot for the Vapor~Plasma Deposition. We are specifically mixing Vapor Deposition with Plasma this is not properties normally used in the field, see video. Whats going to happen is the BioGem bond will become stronger because there will be no potential in the vapor that drives the Graphene to its ground state and un-magnetizes graphene and why the photo of the clars goblet on the page looks pretty, published Dec 2019 yet the potential is + + on each end and proof magnetic graphene exists.  CO2 Reduction to Graphene in June 2015 of Magnetic field Graphene that is polarized something science is trying to figure out.

BioGem Intigrated Electronic Curcits

David A. Puchta BioGem Au-G nerve damage research Janssen Labs La Jolla

 The circuit layouts and the holes and paths  are .003 allowing for Heterodyne PNP Junctions of 245 BioGem cells in a

.500 x .500 IC 3D cube. This will be stack able and there are currently 900 chimney slots with 13 PNP junctions each at .001 across and .010 long. Designed specifically for the phone market as a plug in to the charge port first market, first.  

I have been working with Dr. Devine on this chip since 2013 and he was on the track but got stuck because of heat in the PNP Junctions chimney and i solved that with BioGem wait till you see my CNC laser machines, here is a gold plated house fly with a toroid on its antenna in electron microscope. There are 2 toroidals the big one is .012 outside and .006 inside the fly hair is .003 allowing for some interesting things. The laser machining holds a tolerance of .00001 (25 microns)


Pharmaceuticals Neurological Shunt

David A. Puchta BioGem Au-G nerve damage research Janssen Labs La Jolla

More soon

BioGem Research

BioGem G~Au~Me~26 Research Laboratory 2017 

Plasma Vapor Deposition Gold and Graphene

  we are showing is Plasma in a microwave, used for atomic sanitation before vapor deposition, however with the advancements this friendly discussion over the years has developed into serious talks and the start of the applied research to do vapor deposition of Gold and Graphene in BioGem 

BioGem Tesla Technology Conference Demonstration 2015

Tesla Technology Conference 2015 Demonstration of BioGem G~Au~Me~26 

BioGem Longituginal Mode

Under Standing the high frequency discharge after completing the copyrighted circuits patent pending process of 300 volt D/C high voltage discharge from BioGem in a D/C Bias showing the Longitudinal Mode and switching power under regulation.


BioGem just keeps getting better the smaller we go. The above ratings are done at 0.450 mv @ 700 microamps = 315 microwatts @ 0.05 gram. Here is 983 millivolts @ 350 microamps = 344 microwatts @ 0.01 gram. This also follows the laws of thermodynamics and electrodynamics of Graphene. G~Au~Me~#26 is the formula 

Bio Gem Update 12-21-19

BioGem G~Au~Me~26 Update looking into a Solid State Field Diode developed by friend and YouTube user TinManPower and his video on a Solid State Field Diode explained.

BioGem Test, part 1

BioGem G~Au~Me~26 Graphene and Mono-Atomic Gold demonstration test, part 1

BioGem day two load test part 2

BioGem G~Au~Me~26 day two load test,

part 2

BioGem demonstration, part 3

BioGem G~Au~Me~26  demonstration under load, part 3

BioGem Capacitors load test, part 4

Part 4 Capacitor load test 1 hour 30 minutes.

BioGem Update Capacitor Dump Part 5

BioGem charging an dumping capacitors. This cell is a different ratio of elixir.    

Electron microscope view of BioGem G~Au~26, part 6

Electron microscope view of BioGem

G~Au~ 26 elixir. No Cyanobacteria, due to the high vacuum and potential contamination of the Microscope. Possibly the world first two dimensional fluid of Gold and Graphene. I produced this 5 days after the Nano-science Journal published that the computer models projected that yes Gold and Graphene could form a two dimensional fluid. Yet i am the first wet lab to show proof June 11, 2015 David A. Puchta Sworn Statement. December 31-2019.   

Tesla Mercedes-Benz battery hack part 1

Part 1 of understanding a Tesla Mercedes-Benz 30,000 Wh battery. From our Smart-Car project for BioGem charging. And a little Industrial espionage. 

Tesla Mercedes-Benz battery hack part 2

Part 2 of understanding a Tesla Mercedes-Benz 30,000 Wh battery. From our Smart-Car project for BioGem charging. Deciding to be safe and do a draw down and then just gave up and disassembled the battery hot.

Tesla Mercedes-Benz battery hack part 3

Part 3 of understanding a Tesla Mercedes-Benz 30,000 Wh battery. From our Smart-Car project for BioGem charging. Showing the final assembly out of the box. All in the name of science and discovery, it was Mr. Musk that opened his patents. This was much funner than reading patents.